I can make herbal teas for infusions or decoctions.  Though my preferred method of production is tinctures.  Tinctures allow for more of the beneficial compounds to be extracted from the herbs.  All tinctures are currently alcohol extractions.

I make all my tinctures in small batches, typically 12 fluid ounces per batch.  Using the “Cone Distillation” method, it typically takes four (4) to produce a batch; from start to finish.

I am planning on investing in a soxholet extraction system in the near future, as well as producing spagyric tinctures.


I currently stock Echinacea and Eleuthero individual tinctures.


I currently stock:

ECHINACEA/ELEUTHERO:  This is a 1:1 blend that provides a boost in the immune system, as well as cognitive abilities and general overall health.  As an adaptogen, it assists the body in coping with stress.

DIGESTIVE BITTERS:  This is a blend of herbs intended to be placed on the back of the tongue (where we taste bitter) 15-20 minutes before meals.  This causes the digestive process to begin before we eat, allowing us to more completely digest and absorb nutrients.

E2R2:  This is a synergistic blend of echinacea, eleuthero, rhodiola and red clover.  I make it with the same method as my other tinctures (alcohol extraction), but I then evaporate the alcohol off over low heat, and partially reconstitute with distilled water; resulting in a 1:3 tincture (STRONG).  I call this and E.R.A. Tincture (Evaporated Reconstituted Alcohol) Tincture.  The herbs in this tincture provide adaptogens, immune-boosters, alteratives (blood-cleansing) and lymph system cleansing compounds.  As it is concentrated, lower doses are required.  This is the one I personally use every day.

SLEEP AID:  STILL IN THE DEVELOPMENT/TESTING PHASE.  This is (currently) an alcohol extract of chamomile and skullcap.