SARS Cov-2

Also called Covid-19, is not the first Coronavirus that has hit the human population. SARS (Sudden Acute Respiratory Syndrome) and MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) have made the world news in the past. The current strain is called Covid-19 because it made its ‘debut’ in 2019. So yes, we have known about coronaviruses for awhile; but have not seen this strain before. This particular strain of SARS has an unusually long incubation period (the time between exposure and exhibiting symptoms). During this time, a person is a carrier, and can transmit the disease. Once a person is infected, and the virus “takes hold”, its advance through the body is rapid, especially in the elderly and those with already compromised immune systems. Without going into the entire etiology of the disease, there are certain herbs that can be taken by those not at higher risk and those at risk that can help to prevent infection. There are other herbs that can be used by those that are already infected, to minimize its effects. I will have this up on my website within 48 hours.